Norwalk Community Values on Row D of Ballot

On Election Day, you'll find Steve Colarossi and Andres Roman on Row "D" on the ballot  (on the line for Norwalk Community Values).  Because we need both of them on the Board of Education, Steve & Andres are asking all of their friends and family to please vote for each of them.   

You can vote for up to four Board of Education candidates—and it doesn’t matter in what columns the candidates you choose are found.  So please, use two of your four Board of Education votes to elect Steve Colarossi & Andres Roman.    

To find them on the ballot, you'll see that the Republicans are on Row "A", the Democrats are on Row "B", the Working Families Party have Row "C" (but they only nominated two candidates) and Norwalk Community Values has Row "D".  Steve and Andres are the first two names on Row "D".   By electing both of them, we can assure an end to politics as usual on our Norwalk Board of Education.

Steve has been able to make many positive changes on the Board of Education (the benefit of having a friend like Artie Kassimis serving with him)-- can you imagine what they'll be able to accomplish with Andres Roman on the Board of Education?  With Andres' long-standing community service, dedication to all of our children, respect for the taxpayers and tremendous energy, there is no limit to what can be accomplished for our students, families and taxpayers.

D-Day was a day of liberation for Europe.  We can turn Election Day into our own "D" Day by encouraging our friends, family and neighbors to vote Row "D" to liberate our Board of Education from politics as usual.  

Vote Colarossi and Roman by voting “Norwalk Community Values” on Row D of the ballot.


Concerned Parents and Taxpayers Form New Political Party

A concerned group of parents, taxpayers and Norwalk citizens, in an effort to focus the attention of the Norwalk Board of Education on representing the values of the entire Norwalk community, have formed the “Norwalk Community Values” party.

“Norwalk citizens value public education and appreciate that Norwalk’s taxpayers make considerable sacrifices to fund a quality education for all our children,” declared party founder Jill St. John. “We need to insure that the members of the Norwalk Board of Education represent those values.” They have endorsed Board of Education member Steven A. Colarossi, and lifelong Norwalk resident Andres Roman. Colarossi and Roman will appear on the November ballot on the “Norwalk Community Values” party line.  Colarossi and Roman are both dads to two children in the Norwalk public schools.

The party was formed by Norwalk citizens of all political affiliations.

Jill St. John, who is a lifelong Norwalk resident, and her husband (and party co-founder), Bill Vitez, are the parents to three children—two are graduates of Norwalk High School where their youngest daughter is a freshman. They were motivated to seek changes to the Board of Education after the passage of last year’s school department budget that slashed services to elementary school students and was passed with the lone dissenting vote of Steven A. Colarossi. “When we saw a budget that had such a negative impact on students being approved after less than twenty minutes of discussion, with debate coming from only member Steve Colarossi, we realized that politics had gotten in the way of the types of informed and open discussions that are needed in these tough economic times.”

Last year, Colarossi, who was then the Chairperson of the Board of Education’s Finance Committee, generated considerable discussion about the budget process by compiling suggestions for budget cuts that had been proposed by city and school officials, Board members and citizens. He prepared five different budget scenarios based upon these suggestions even though, as he stated in his emails to his fellow Board members, he did not agree with all of the suggestions. “Steve’s willingness to engage the entire community in a frank and honest budget discussion was what was needed—it was unfortunate that political considerations ruled the day and that discussion were squelched.” As Mrs. St. John sees it, Colarossi’s “Kids First Budget Alternative” (which is available at made common sense reductions that would have saved critical elementary school services, valuable Middle School educational programs and the high school’s Transportation Technology program.

Although some of those programs were ultimately restored after Colarossi’s tireless lobbying for them, the fact remains, as Mrs. St. John notes, that when faced with an alternative plan which was less harmful to our children’s educations, the majority of the Board of Education chose political considerations over educational needs. Mr. Vitez, who is an accountant, believed that the strength of Colarossi’s contributions to the budget discussion was his appreciation that taxpayers could not be asked to give any more than they already had and that the goal needed to be using the taxpayers’ sacrifice for the greatest good of the students. "Steve Colarossi fought for every student as if they were his own."

He firmly believes that Roman has the strength of his convictions to serve all Norwalk's families and taxpayers with the same determination that Colarossi has shown, and recognizes that Roman's background and experience will enable him to make a significant contribution to all Norwalk's residents.

Andres Roman shares the group’s fundamental belief that Norwalk values its students and taxpayers and that the Board of Education should represent those values.

As an active member of the community, Roman (who is bilingual) has demonstrated a commitment to serving all of Norwalk’s citizens. A member of the National Guard (where he has served for nearly a decade) and a probation officer at the Stamford Superior Court, Roman has lived a life of public service. It is that commitment to public service that the Norwalk Community Values founders recognize as being critical to improving the way the Norwalk Board of Education functions. “As a dad to two young sons and as a homeowner, Andres appreciates that improving public education must be done with the utmost of respect for Norwalk’s taxpayers,” Mrs. St. John said in announcing Roman’s endorsement. She feels strongly that Roman and Colarossi will be strong, independent advocates for Norwalk’s students, families and taxpayers.

There is a place for political parties in federal, state and local government, Mrs. St. John has opined. “However, that place is not on the Norwalk Board of Education.”

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Jayden and Peyton would you like to vote for their dad and Liza's and Kana's dad.


Liza and Kana would like you to vote for their dad and Jayden's and Peyton's dad.


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