The Time for True Change.

Steve Colarossi and Andres Roman are running for the Norwalk Board of Education on a new party line—the “Norwalk Community Values” party.  They know that voters will have to look beyond the nominees of the major party to find their line on the ballot.  But they also know that Norwalk’s voters value  a Board of Education that is answerable to the public and not to party leaders.  Steve and Andres, like all Norwalkers, value a Board of Education that will put aside party differences and engage in the honest, constructive debates that are critical to navigating the many challenges our schools face.  

It’s the change that Norwalk needs .
  And it’s the change that two dedicated dads and committed public servants can bring to the Norwalk Board of Education.

Accountability.  It’s indispensable for good government.  And it’s critical in every school.

As a member of Norwalk’s Board of Education, Steve Colarossi has fought to hold the people who spend our taxdollars and who educate our children accountable.  That’s why he’s been unafraid to ask the tough questions of superintendents and other administrators—that’s why he reviewed every line of every budget, questioning the assumptions that caused years of misappropriations and fought to end years of wasteful spending.   And that’s also why, when political considerations took center stage in the 2012-2013 budget, Steve Colarossi developed an alternative kids’ first budget plan, and was the lone voice to support the programs needed by our most vulnerable students.

As a probation officer, Andres Roman has dedicated his professional life to helping his clients become accountable for the mistakes they’ve made, guiding them to lead productive lives.  A dad to two young boys, Andres has set an example for them through his extensive community involvement and military service.  

Steve Colarossi and Andres Roman
appreciate that an accountable school department is one that uses our taxpayer dollars to provide the best possible education for all of Norwalk’s children.

A Plan for Action.

Andres Roman serves in a combat engineering division of the Army National Guard.
  He knows that careful planning is critical to developing a cohesive plan of action.  

These are the same skills he uses as a probation officer.  Every client he serves isn’t just told to stay out of trouble, but is guided on how to develop a carefully planned course of action to significantly improve the  choices that must be made every day of his or her life.

Steve Colarossi is a trial attorney-
someone who uses his academic skills, understanding of the law and appreciation of the needs of his clients to help people through some of the toughest challenges they face.  He’s brought those skills to his work on the Norwalk Board of Education and is responsible for developing comprehensive polices that have made our schools  safer for all our children.

Together,  Andres Roman and Steve Colarossi will use their professional skills and personal integrity to continue helping Norwalk’s schools improve so that they provide the educations that every child deserves.  

A big part of their plan of action is to continue the work Steve has done to hold all parties accountable to the needs of all of Norwalk’s children.  Andres Roman and Steve Colarossi are committed to adopting a budget process that looks, first and foremost, at the educational impact of decisions before tough decisions are made.  

And, because they both have the strength of their convictions, they realize that even running mates won’t always agree.
  They are committed to encouraging healthy debate that takes into consideration the needs of Norwalk’s students and taxpayers and not the predilections of Norwalk’s political party bosses.

Class Size Matters for All our Children.

Class size matters for students.  If you were a struggling student, or if you're the parent of a struggling student, you how important it is to have one-on-one attention with your teacher.  And it's only common sense that with smaller class sizes, individual students can get more of  the attention they deserve from their teachers. 

The research undertaken in the Tennessee STAR program (which was a systematic class-size reduction program)   showed a significant correlation between reasonably-sized classes and student achievement, as have studies in other states  (such as Wisconsin)  and other countries  (such as Israel).  

In those studies which have shown a negligible correlation between class-size and student achievement, one must consider that certain of the states studied  (such as California)  engaged in large-scale hiring of teachers to meet class-size guidelines and hired a large number of minimally-trained teachers,  thereby impacting student achievement.  

To us, at its core, class size is a common sense issue— can you not spend more individual time with 22 students than you could with 28 students?  

The June 7, 2012 budget proposal  (that Steve opposed) suggested that class sizes would  approach 28 students  per class in some schools’ grades 3-5; given our many high-risk students, Steve Colarossi believed that smaller class sizes would allow for greater differentiated instruction that these students deserve and would be affordable.  

That’s why Steve Colarossi proposed his Kids First Alternative Budget Plan in 2012 and why Steve and Andres are committed to reasonable class sizes which advance the best educational opportunities for all of our students.

To read about the Tennessee STAR program, click here.

A critical review of the literature on class size was featured in Education Next  (click here).
An overview of the studies that show positive and negligible (and non-existent) impacts on class size is available from The Brookings Institute  (click here


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